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New Look on Antihypertensive Therapy

  Angiotensin converting enzyme 2   Angiotensin converting enzyme 2, or ACE2, is an exopeptidase expressed primarily by vascular endothelial cells in the heart and kidneys, but also in respiratory epithelia[1] and in the gastrointestinal tract. It is the target of several coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2. 2 Biochemistry ACE2 is a transmembrane metallocarboxypeptidase composed of 805 amino acids. Zinc and chloride ions act as cofactors. The extracellular region consists of two domains, a zinc metallopeptidase domain and a C-terminal collectrin homology domain. The enzyme exhibits homology to angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE). ACE2 is encoded by the ACE2 gene on the X chromosome (gene locus Xp22.2). In addition to being expressed as a transmembrane protein, a soluble form exists in serum. 3 Function ACE2 cleaves angiotensin II into angiotensin (1-7), which has anti-inflammatory and lung protective effects via MAS and AT2 receptors. 4 Clinical 4.1 Infec
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Receptors for SARS-CoV and How This Knowledge could Help?

Medical studies prove that corona viruses enter the human cells through a receptor called Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2. ACE2 is an exopeptidase which is found on the cell membrane of vessels of the heart or kidneys, also in respiratory cells epithelium and gastrointestinal tract cells. ACE-blockers are long known in medicine and are used for  antihypertensive therapy. Could those antihypertensive drugs be used in the treatment of covid is a question that makes us curious. Until now there are not enough studies that could answer this question, but the therapy with ACE-blockers, angiotensin 2 receptor blockers, ASS and betablockers for heart patients with covid infection is considered to be protective.  Could we use ACE-blockers as virostatic therapy for covid? In my opinion we should at least try.

Die Fünfte Art der Ausscheidung von Arsen

Von Tanya Georgieva Ivanova   Nach der Definition Ausscheidung ist : Die Tat oder der Prozess der Entladung Abfallstoffe aus dem Blut , Geweben oder Organen. Die Ausscheidung von exogenen Giften und / oder deren Metaboliten erfolgt über : - Nieren - durch Prozesse der Diffusion und aktiven Transport   -Lungen- (flüchtige Stoffe, die in einem freien Zustand sind - wie Alkohol , organische Lösungsmittel und andere ..   - Magen-Darm- System - die Galle ( Kot und / oder Reverse Resorption)   - Schweiß, Speichel , Milch.   Kumulierung ( Depot ) Nach grossem Penetration oder nach längerer Exposition   eine Reihe von Giften kumulieren in bestimmten Geweben oder Organen ( Fettgewebe - DDT , Knochen - die Blei , Nieren - . Cadmium, Haarfollikel – Arseny.   Hauptmerkmal der Akkumulation ist dass unter bestimmten Bedingungen die akkumulierte Substanz aus dem Organ in dem die akkumuliert ist in das Blut freigesetzt werden kann und zu der Symptome einer akuten Vergiftung führen

Theory of Light

“Let there be light” Firstly I would like to mention I am not a physicist, I am not a theologist eather. But long ago it was discovered that in the Bible there are coded messages for the structure of our universe. It is questionable if it is really true, but a lot of religious and unreligious people think so. In the first chapter Genesis it is interesting why in the beginning the first thing that God created was light. And then came everything else. If we start a house we should have the bricks to build it, that’s why firstly we should make bricks, If we start a living organism, we should make a cell. If we make a non-living object, we need an atom, a molecule. But of what are built the atoms, the molecules, the cells? If we have the most powerful microscope in the world we would discover that they are built of light. The structure of the universe is quite simple: Everything, every object from the smallest particles to the biggest objects like planets and stars are built of matter and

Versteht Trampuz überhaupt von Medizin? Periprothetische Infektionen treten nach primärem Gelenkersatz in 2 bis 3% auf [1]. Bei Wechseloperationen liegt die Infektionsrate deutlich höher (3–10%) [2, 3]. Die tatsächliche Inzidenz von Infektionen wird aufgrund von unerkannten chronischen (s.g. „low-grade“) Infektionen unterschätzt, welche typischerweise in den ersten 2–3 Jahren nach Implantation auftreten. Das Infektionsrisiko wird auf 0,5% pro Jahr innerhalb der ersten zwei Jahre nach Implantation geschätzt, in den folgenden Jahren beträgt die Infektionsrate 0,2% pro Jahr. Aus diesem Grund sind Kenntnisse von diagnostischen und therapeutischen Konzepten essenziell. In diesem Beitrag werden aktuelle Erkenntnisse und die neuesten Empfehlungen hinsichtlich Diagnostik und Therapie von periprothetischen Infektion des Kniegelenkes zusammengefasst. Pathogenese Die Gelenkprothese kann auf drei Wege besiedelt werden (. Tab. 1).

Origin of Schizophrenia

A lot of studies show that schizophrenia is a disease that is connected with autoimmune inflamation of the brain cells, but until now noone knows the reason why antibodies react to the brain tissue. A lot of studies show that neurons are stimulated by microglia cells. Those cells are found in the microglia of the hypocampus and reticular nerve system. It is for a long time known that schizophrenie is caused by hyperstimulation of the brain neuron cells which are stimulated by microglia cells. So if we destroy those cells (microglia cells) through chemical agents those cells which are dying stimulate the neurons through release of neurotransmitters. This means the neurons produce neurostimulating transmitters  which react through building nerve circles which cause halucinations which are the main reason for clinical manifestation of schizophrenia. According to the autoimmune theory nerve cells are damaged through antibodies which usualy do not pass the haematoencephal barrier which is f

Dementia, Azheimer Disease as an Aspect in the Treatment according to the Autoimmune Theory

Dementia and Alzheimer disease is a result of the autoimmune infection of the brain cells, caused by the consumption of meat and meat products. As I previously mentioned brain cells are destructed as a result of the autoimmune reaction of the organism against them. Diseases as Jacobs-Kreuzfeld are proofed to be caused by a prion which enters the cell through prion receptor of the nerve cell. If we assume that this receptor could have an antibody in the blood stream, this may mean that such antibodies may cause common to Jacobs-Kreuzfeld disease clinic occurance. So is it posible to assume that dementia and Alzheimer diseases are caused according to the autoimmune threory by antibodies which react to brain cell receptors? Psychic disorders may be connected with consumption of beef Psychic disorders nowadays are increasing parallelly with increasing of beef consumption. Autism and schizophrenia, Alzheimer, Parkinson, dementia are autoimmune deceases, connected with the sensitive